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Welcome to PIL Microanatomy

The PIL Microanatomy Course spans the first two blocks of PIL Year 1. The course begins with a focus on cells and tissues, and then moves into organ systems.

At the end of the Microanatomy and Cell Biology Course, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the structure of cells, tissues and organs at the microscopic level, with an emphasis on clinical relevance.
  2. Demonstrate the principle that structure reflects function
  3. Conceptually connect the cellular and microstructural details to macroscopic structures studied in Gross Anatomy.
  4. Gain a necessary background for pathology.
  5. Be prepared for relevant board exam questions
  6. Demonstrate an ability to work co-operatively with lab mates, thus fostering the development of professionalism among fellow students.

The PIL Microanatomy course delivers online content via Blackboard Learn.

Use the links below to access the Blackboard Learn, or to directly access frequently used online resources.

Blackboard Learn
Virtual Microscope
EM Atlas
Histology Atlas