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Gallo Laboratory Web Page

The laboratory investigates the role of the cytoskeleton in axon extension, branching and retraction during development and regeneration. The laboratory has two main focuses: (1) The regulation of the cytoskeleton by intrinsic (e.g., actin regulatory proteins, signaling pathways) and extrinsic (e.g., guidance cues) factors, and (2) the cytoskeletal and signaling basis of the response of neurons to injury. Live imaging, molecular, biochemical and pharmacological approaches are utilized to investigate these issues in vitro and in vivo/in situ.

Lab Members and Web Pages (underlined)

Steve Jones (graduate student, Neuroscience Scholar Program member, awarded by the Society for Neuroscience),  Felix Danso (graduate student) , Mirela Spillane (graduate student), Jianli Hu (graduate Student; Co-mentored with Dr. E. Spiliotis, Drexel Biology Dept.).
Gianluca Gallo (PI)
Kathy Kollins (postdoctoral fellow), Andrea Ketschek (postdoctoral fellow)
Lee Silver (Lab manager)

Former members: Dr. Robert Loudon (current position, Drexel Dept. of Biology), Herbert Francisco (MS), Irina Orlova (research assistant)

The laboratory welcomes undergraduate summer students from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania through the SURF program (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

lab phone number: 215 991 8291

Axon extension and the neuronal cytoskeleton
Current Projects


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