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Jed Shumsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Educational & Academic Affairs, Graduate School

Course Director, IFM Medical Neuroscience

Behavioral Assessment of Recovery of Function from Spinal Cord Injury

Email, jshumsky@drexelmed.edu

I no longer have an active research laboratory; however, I serve as a consultant for the Systems Neuroscience group and as Scientific Director for the Behavioral Core Facility of The Spinal Cord Research Center. My expertise is in neuropsychopharmacology, statistical analysis, and in developing animal models of human conditions.


Swarthmore College, BA Biochemistry, 1986
Havard University, 1987
University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Pharmacological Sciences (Neuropsychopharmacology), 1993 

Selected Publications 

Hayashi, Y.; Jacob-Vadakot, S.; Nothias, J.-M.; McBride, S.; Olexa, R.; Murray, M.; Simansky, K.; Shumsky, J.S. (2010) 5-HT precursor loading enhances motor function after spinal cord contusion in adult rats. Exp Neurol 221:68-78.

Kao, T.; Shumsky, J.S.; Murray, M.; Moxon, K.A. (2009) Exercise induces cortical plasticity after neonatal spinal cord injury in the rat. J Neurosci 29:7549-7557.

Stackhouse, S.K.; Murray, M.; Shumsky, J.S. (2008) The effect of cervical dorsolateral funiculotemy on reach-to-grasp function in the rat. J Neurotrauma 25:1039-1047.