Carlos Jimenez-Rivera, Ph.D.


Project: Elec­tro­phys­i­o­log­i­cal actions of cocaine in cen­tral nora­dren­er­gic cir­cuits.

Cur­rent posi­tion: Pro­fes­sor, Uni­ver­sity of Puerto Rico, Phys­i­ol­ogy Department

Effects of intravenous cocaine administration on cerebellar Purkinje cell activity. Jiménez-Rivera CA, Segarra O, Jiménez Z, Waterhouse BD. European journal of pharmacology. 2000; 407(1-2):91-100.

Effects of systemically and locally applied cocaine on cerebrocortical neuron responsiveness to afferent synaptic inputs and glutamate. Jimenez-Rivera CA, Waterhouse BD. Brain research. 1991; 546(2):287-96.