2001–2005 .

Chuk­wuma Okere, Ph.D.


Project: Stress-related acti­va­tion of the dor­sal raphe nucleus.

Cur­rent posi­tion: Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor, Depart­ment of Biol­ogy, Clark Atlanta Uni­ver­sity, Atlanta, GA.

Selected Publications

Activity-dependent heterogeneous populations of nitric oxide synthase neurons in the rat dorsal raphe nucleus.Okere CO, Waterhouse BD. Brain research. 2006; 1086(1):117-32.

Acute capsaicin injection increases nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate diaphorase staining independent of Fos activation in the rat dorsolateral periaqueductal gray.Okere CO, Waterhouse BD. Neuroscience letters. 2006; 404(3):288-93.

Acute restraint increases NADPH-diaphorase staining in distinct subregions of the rat dorsal raphe nucleus: implications for raphe serotonergic and nitrergic transmission.Okere CO, Waterhouse BD. Brain research. 2006; 1119(1):174-81.