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Lab Personnel

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Fischer Lab
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy
Drexel University College of Medicine

Research Interests

Our goal is to promote regeneration and recovery of function after spinal cord injury by identifying the best strategies for cellular transplantation and to apply gene therapy methods to introduce therapeutic genes into the injured spinal cord. We are currently studying the efficacy of genetically modified fibroblasts, multipotential neural stem cells, neural and glial precursors, and bone marrow stromal cells.

Birgit Neuhuber, Ph. D - Former Research Assistant Professor (now at NIH)

Maryla Obrocka - Research Assistant III

Ying Jin, Ph.D - Research Assistant Professor

Julien Bouyer - Research Assistant II

Takaya Yamagami, MD, Ph.D - Former Post Doctoral Fellow

Chris Haas - MD, Ph.D - Student (now Resident at Hopkins)

Joseph Bonner, Ph.D. - Former Post Doctoral Fellow (now Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Irvine)

Carla Christina Medalha, Ph.D. - Former Post Doctoral Fellow


Courtney Paul - Former Research Technician (now MD in residency)

Steve Han - Former Graduate Student (now Faculty at Massachussets General Hospital - Harvard)


Angelo Lepore - Former Graduate Student, Ph.D (now Faculty at Jefferson)

Post Doctorate at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Xiaobing Yuan, Ph.D. - Research Assistant Professor (now Faculty at Hussman Institute)   Tim Himes, Ph.D. - Instructor himes
Kazuo Hayakawa MD, PhD - Former Postdoctoral Fellow      
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